Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Breakfast Must with Coffee...

Oohhh .. I'm back for my blogs...GONG HEI GONG HEI ..SEE HOW LONG I CAN WRITE..

Today this morning i weak up so late...Rush to bang sai bang jiu..then kau tim self looking baru cabut to work.. JUST GUM GUM INSIDE THE CAR I CAN FEEL THE JAM OUT SIDE THE ROAD.. i cant imaging after remove to cheras taman len sen there how teruk it will be...(now i still staying at old klang road there)

After reach to office , i late 15 min .. so i snick to my room .. without any body know i here .. then pretend sudah sampai so lama punya face go to bunch coffee..hahah" sudenly feel myself very good acting hor"..some more shout ppl said y u late ..

Look back my table it like kena Rap b4 , Bcos thoses few day doing some design bz like hell ...gzzz work like hell on kena ask for new thing to do liao ...

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