Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My new concept boutique .."BARCOD" actually i did it since 5yrs ago .. when i was working in fashionline.(3.6)... No Dud that my friends have ajak me to open own concept store last year .. that we gonna bring the US brand Threadlless to Malaysia .. then we straight away make Registration for all Graphic and design in the baju .. so which crack Copy or used the Threadless image ..huhuh U WILL DOOM.... nanti kau...

since 3 yrs ago i saw really saw alot of Threadlles art work in M'sia .. but there is not an original work tee..SUCK ripper Brands, They can simple cin cai used the image then "kocak" a bit kanineh.. i was thinking did the local designer ppl so lamb ...? Fuck u ripper..

please respect the original artwork ..STOP RIPPING...

walau ... Support Local design..


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