Tuesday, May 29, 2007

AND1 streetball Giant Tampoi ..

the day on the Gain tampoi !! Junio Husel dareyno the AND1 Rapper, showing the Grafity skill at Nokia Boot

AND1 teams Crews
It happen in 26th May.. At giant tampoi , reached there about early 1day .. Dude..i found the nice place that selling " seafood it really fresh in *Pirate Village * that full of alng ASLI there (it fresh and Awesome..).. wooo.. We ,makan until 2am reached hotel 3 am.. dam need wake-up about 6am for event preparation :(

*JOHOR Baru was at its “hottest” when the AND1 Streetball Challenge came to town on Saturday. ...(more write-up in = http://archives.thestar.com.my/search/default.aspx?query=and1 start metro ..

Dam...that day is really dam hot but after 3pm .. the lightning strome attack the court Uuuuhhh so tribe ...Rainning aroung the place .. im like a life guard to save thoses 1xxx ppl wiht the hell big umbrella..OMG...

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