Saturday, February 23, 2008


It been long long.... times that i keep caring for this baju tee .. finaly dah jumpa this tee .. dam i love the "camo style" on that tee,but not the brand Name for that tee ... funny yeah .. cos i been design so many tee b4, so feel up the brand is not importent for me .. i not kind a ppl in brand chaser, I only like de design and grafit saje, that becoused i respect for ART work , is feel like 1st inpresson (1st look will like , kind like that) to love that thing.. so tak meragu-ragu i brougth it , but it was not CLOT Brand , just an Local brand ..Suport ma love local made ma.....

So during CHINESE NEW YEAR for sure had gathering la ( PEK CHAO means DRINK LA)
had BIgggggGgg Gather With 20plus ppl almost full housed on NAM HOUSE...haha each ppl need bring some Drinks to come... hohoho i brought 1 big normal litter red wine , kita drink till crazy .. and also set -up 1 mini casino for gamble(judi) dam i lost so much , that day with 1 friends (KAT PUN do CHONG) die teruk teruk ...lose till eent for got my name

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