Monday, April 14, 2008

AND1 MALAYSIA Streetball Challenge 3on3

ON this yers 2008 in Feb & march keep do the preparation for advertisment ready for 3on3 and1 streetball some website update , entry forms design , jersy baskter ball court lay out , video edditing etc .. work like hell ...( not only AND1 brands also with the Badminton and Golf department too .) SHIT what alot of job ...

Well so much puas hati with the layout desing this yers from backgrund in black tular to white, it really puas hati to change it to more streetstyle , then the event born out alot games with is ( beat box , Breack dance ,AND1 streeball ps2 games ) puls old site games ( freestyle , rap or MC search, signature show draw, etc ... can feel that our streetball games now become march stronger and HUGR ~!! , not like other 3on3 juts play 3on3 so board ... hum alot ppl copy cat the ste event we did .. so shame on them but no hume the are like that ...cis...

Now the tour were be in 4 state only, ( KL --> Penang --> Johor --> Selanggor Klang ---> times square (KL). this years with spent alot of money and some sponsor are no more in the event so it really hard to work out some extend work cos no Budget ma ..ha ha..

We'll never give up to re list this Basketball Spirit to all country by way to them to message the teenangle the hip hop culture.. hope AND1 some day will grow as BIG in Malaysia then can do alot thinks la .
Here some Attach design from and1 Malaysia streetball. 1. event poster design , 2 event schedule , 3 site event highlight:

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