Monday, June 23, 2008

No Mood during Working times what i do ..

While during mody when working ,abit naik marah and become tention when do design , so stop work do some stupiding design from myself make self happy ... copy paste some background from internat put so photo for DIY ... become self production ( haha lazy ma ....)
Step2 is was looking back last time took punya photo ( just gum gum ne of my bro kahwin punya photo, (DIY ) abit touch-up abit 2 min works done .. send to friends for share ..( happy back again)
Step 3 open freelancer file do some .. if u think $ lagi siok u will sure happy to work back again .. then baru lah back to own work ...

So this when what i do in working times ... for sure each hum... nonono all designer i can dare to bit all sure got do freelance during working times .. haha... im one of that ..

Cheers .

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