Thursday, July 24, 2008

Designing the Fischer catalogue ...

Recenly doing design for company catalogue .. kena retouch photo la design la , 1 leg kick kaneh ..
Bz like hell . till no day tomorrow .. but feel touching la after finish the design itu ..
here some shoot clip for it :

Selain itu juga do some design for advertisment kat website dan display la .. so no time to do freelancer joB .. ( said saje ) but still take oder for do .. kaneh .. what a pite for myself working for poor saje .. aiii ... ( this design akan parpan kat newspaper and magazine serantau malaysia la . )
穷打工。。以长时间来换取金钱。 社会的不公平制度,权利图利。。shit , so pite the gorvement servent .. 嘉赛啦~!!

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