Tuesday, August 14, 2007

AND1 Streetball Blog ..

OOhh my .. i did this AND1 Blog for my Office with is to share for the fans whos like the AND1 Streetball .. i dint know the respont is really good that the side been hit in " 1050 Man " 3xx visiter in 1 month dude .. oh my ..starting 15 july .. OH Baby .>~!!

i make it as simple as like mine concept .. too bad no got in webside oreals ..Humm .. i make it more heppenning .. KawaBangGa Dude .. i love this Games ..~!!

Here some webside that i did to shere in here ..


showboat1 said...

yo yall need to check out the SBC in el barrio nyc it the hottest tournry in east harlem for 1 it a kids 18- under street ball tourney this is where they get their names up kids like the crossing guard/jesse sap the hire gun [gorgetown]/the cab driver jeremy hassel [seton hall/shannon bobbit wnba they got their names here cthe the web site www.showboatclassicbasketball.com it hot oh yeah barbitto from summerball label them east harlem 1st youth street ball tourney

showboat1 said...

u guys need to check showboatbasketball.com this is where future and1 kingdome rucker park players have gotten their start for the last 11 years not to mention some of nyc biggest highs schools and colleges shop for youn up and coming players here check the site u see hot moves dunks and much more is is said this is where jeese sap from gorgetown got his name at