Monday, October 8, 2007

Claypot Rice @ Restaurant Gafan, Cheras(near my home )

A few Month ago.. when i move to cheras .. with really dont know Where the place for Makan as well .. luckily had kawan alot ppl in my MSN ask sini and ask sana.. that kenal me the claypot Rice (Res) kat Taman Connaught only depan the street... The Foods does really GOOD and many kind of choice and style of rice Believe me u sure suka after makan kat sana sure Non Hala la Weiii...also got sup perday ..hohoho...Prices also boleh tahan la

Ini for ppl like beef .. dam nice i suka this flavor..

LAO WONG KUA sup .. Woooohh for those sup family should try this dam Testy

Mungkin i abit lazy to thing for blog so search some infor and story from ppl .. hum...

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