Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Cool Mtv And nice Hip song From Taiwan."大嘴巴 DA Mouth"

流行嘻哈四人最新組合,華麗時尚樂風創新元素,大嘴巴全體出動,唱出流行享樂新主張 "大嘴巴 DA Mouth" 一個四人全新流行嘻哈團體,愛音樂、愛唱歌、愛說話、四個人聚在一起聊起音樂總是有說不完的話,於是他們給自己一個這樣生動有趣的稱號→" 大嘴巴 DA Mouth "

Is a taiwan bran new mix hip hop band.(* with japanese & taiwanese group up band ) more in DJ,R&B, Hip Hop, etc music. it kind a great mix up team . u gonna like it the song their rap are meaning full and rock .

*with more deatil about the teams pls click below:
Group ppl are:

千田 愛紗 Senda Aisa
張懷秋 Harry
坂本 宗華 Sakamoto Chun Wha
薛仕凌 Simon

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