Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lost direction for my own design ~!!

with few month pass away, i did alot freelancer ..alot dude .. but all not related to a design, it just a printing stuff collec the artwork , then pass for printed .. to print and buka invoice bill them .. shit ... totaly ezy then nothihg design ,What a stupid... stupid stuff , but seldom kena my clients scold like mad (MAD DOG).

no need stay so latenight to design .. dam .. what a life ...shit .. my idea is lost .. dump .. hilang ..( boh liao )dan sacrry

event all the designning spirite i sudah lupa .. bung to tong sampah aready .. ~!!
what a funny .. a man like to design sudenly become a man cnt design well liao.. cham ~!!

need to recharge my idea back and my spirite back ..~! will go try to refind my idea back .. but all the times keep kena phone call for job in printing stuff ... shit ..

i guess the times for me to think what is the batter way i need to be ...totaly lost my own direction .. ~!!

no more dreams ..

no more hope ..

shit ..~!

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